Enter Bill

Enter any transactions from which checks will be generated including bills from vendors, payables to tenants or the management company.


View Short Recording

Click the link below to view a short recording of this feature in action.



How to Do It

  1. Login with a user account that has permissions to perform this function
  2. In AppFolio, click the Accounting tab
  3. Click the Payables sub-tab
  4. In the right-side Task pane, click the Enter Bill link
  5. The Bill details page will reload displaying the form to enter Bill Details
  6. On the Bill Details form enter:
    • Select the Payee for who the bill is from
    • Select the Bill Date for date of bill
    • Enter any Reference for any desired reference information
    • Select the Due Date for bills due date
    • Enter any Remarks for any desired remarks
    • Enter the Total Amount for total amount due for bill
    • Select the Cash Account for the cash account to use to pay the bill
    • Select the Property for the bill
    • Select the Unit for the bill
    • Select the GL Account for the bill
    • Enter a Description for the bill
    • Enter the Amount for the bill
  7. When done entering bill details, either click the Add Another button to enter another bill, or click the Done button if finished entering bills